Video Tips & Tricks

Short clips showing tips, tricks and shortcuts to get the most out of Big Purple Dot
Big Purple Dot Open House
The Open House Feature for the iPad is a sophisticated and easy way to charm visitors to your open house. This video goes over application highlights such as setting up your first open house, sending personalized thank you e-mails to guests, and creating reports for your team members and clients. Download the Open House Feature for free now! Add / Customize Open House (0:40) Begin Your Open House (2:23) Send Thank You Email (3:26) Send Report to Team Member (4:05)
Call Dialer Tutorial
This tutorial walks you through the brand new Call Dialer function in Big Purple Dot's CRM. Scheduled calls can be made in direct succession with this efficient, easy to use feature.
Why Lenders Use Big Purple Dot
In this video you will learn how Big Purple Dot will increase relationships and business
Status Tags
Mark from Big Purple Dot goes over creating new contacts manually, attaching and using status tags, and filtering your contact list in several different ways using status tags.
Task Reminder Status Triggers
This tutorial describes Task Reminder Status Triggers in the Big Purple Dot platform. This feature allows the user to automatically be reminded of a task when a status tag is added to a contact.
How to Email Blast your Contacts

New Lead Process Using Big Purple Dot (Zach Zender)

Big Purple Dot's Tips and Tricks
Top producing Florida Real Estate Agent Zach Zender explaining how he uses Big Purple Dot.
How to Manually Create a New Contact

How to Update a Contact Shortcut

Create A New Contact Team Member & Lender With BPD's Real Estate CRM

How to Setup a 'Call Tracking Number' Capture all calls and texts

How To Add A Tab Or Bucket To A Contact With BPD's Real Estate CRM

How to use Search Filters

How to send an Instant Quick Note to your team Members

How To Setup Big Purple Dot's Auto-Responder To Engage With New Leads

Assign A Lead To A Team Member With BPD's Real Estate CRM

Email Auto Response Tutorial
This video details how to use Big Purple Dot's auto response email feature. This feature allows you to automatically send a customized email message to a contact with an email template attached after you attach a status tag to that contact.
Outside Partners
This video describes how to set up an outside partner and send email notifications to them.
The Power of Team Collaboration
Ricky Miles who is a superstar Branch Manager and True Fan explains the benefits of using Big Purple Dot. Lead Management - CRM - Call Dialer - Drip email and text follow-up. The all in one solution. Funnel all your leads collaborate with your team and close more deals. Ask how we can integrate with your LOS.
How to Add a Hyperlink to an Image
Adding links to images within your emails will help you keep your emails short and to the point. Your hyperlinks can redirect contacts to a website with additional information, an application or a video that can elaborate on what you reference in an email template.
How to Add/Edit/Delete a Status Tag
Status tags are the heart of a Big Purple Dot account. The great thing about our status tags is they're fully customizable! We recommend using our status tags to help you organize your entire sales workflow which includes automating everything from task reminders for all team members, auto-response SMS and email messages to speed up your initial follow-up to new leads, and drip campaigns to help with ongoing follow-up. Watch this video to find out how easy it is to add new status tags and to edit or delete your current status tags.
How to Add an Email Template
With Big Purple Dot, you're able to create and store templates using both plain text and HTML coding. Additionally, you can create templates with images, attachments and hyperlinks. By storing your email templates in your Big Purple Dot account you'll increase how quickly you're able to follow-up with one or more contacts in your database. Also, to help you track how your email templates are performing, we have a reports section dedicated to showing you who is opening your emails and which links they're clicking on.
How to Add an Autoresponse Email
Automating a single email to be sent to one or more contacts when you or a team member applies a specific milestone status tag will ensure the right update or document is sent to contacts in your database right away, every time.